Engaging Your Supporters in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

What is a P2P Fundraiser?

A P2P fundraiser is a supporter who rallies around your cause to fundraise on your behalf. These supporters create their own fundraising page as a spin off of your main #iGiveCatholic profile. Your fundraisers will share that page with their network to expand the reach of your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry and bring in new donors. These individuals are passionate about your mission and will use their voices to make a difference!

What are the benefits of P2P Fundraisers?

  • Expand the reach of your parish, school, and nonprofit ministry to a new network. Your P2P fundraisers will be calling on their personal network to help raise money for your #iGiveCatholic campaign, exposing your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry to new donors.
  • Increase the average number of donations. By recruiting P2P fundraisers, your #iGiveCatholic profile will benefit from increased marketing efforts. Not only will your #iGiveCatholic team be marketing your profile, but your fundraisers will as well. Your #iGiveCatholic profile will be exposed to a larger network when promoted by multiple sources, resulting in an increased number of donors.
  • Engage with your top supporters. Engaging your top supporters is important to keep them involved with your work and your organization. Let those supporters know how important their passion is to your mission by recruiting them as champions of your cause!
  • Utilizing the power of P2P fundraising is easy! Check out our free tools and templates and share them with your fundraisers to ensure their success.

Who are Your Potential Fundraisers?

  • Board Members - Even if your board members aren’t required to make a contribution to serve your organization, they should never turn down an opportunity to support your mission and fundraise on your behalf. Acting as a P2P fundraiser, your board members can rally around your mission and collect donations as an ambassador and ally for your organization.
  • Volunteers - Your volunteers regularly dedicate their time to your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry. These supporters are tightly associated with your work and have a passion for your cause. Encourage your volunteers to get involved at a higher level by fundraising on your behalf.
  • Dedicated Supporters (Parishioners, Parents, and Donors) - Your dedicated supporters are those who have been there for your organization through it all! Their dedication to your cause is what makes them perfect fundraisers for your #iGiveCatholic campaign.
  • Lower Capacity or Major Donors (already donated) - Donors who have already contributed to your #iGiveCatholic campaign are a key group to consider when recruiting your fundraisers. Your lower capacity donors may not have the resources to give as much as they would like, but their involvement doesn’t have to be limited to monetary contributions. Major donors have obvious passion for your work, as they give at such a high level, so don’t let their passion stop there!
  • Staff Members - Your staff is deeply connected to your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry, as they devote themselves to furthering your mission everyday. Capitalize on their dedication to your cause by enlisting them as fundraisers!
  • Friends, Family, Students, & Grandparents - Your friends, family, students, and grandparents know how important your work is and want to see you succeed. Ask your personal network to help you and your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry by getting involved as a fundraiser.

How Does it Work?

Recruiting your P2P fundraisers from your #iGiveCatholic Dashboard is simple! Input your fundraiser’s name and email, craft a recruitment message, and a fundraising page will automatically be created for them. That supporter will receive an email with your message along with with a link their Fundraising Toolkit where they can manage and customize their page.

Your supporters can also start fundraising without being recruited by clicking the “Fundraise” button on your #iGiveCatholic profile. Those fundraisers will be directed to their Fundraising Toolkit where they can start customizing their page and reaching out to their network immediately!

Share the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Toolkit with your fundraisers so they know what they should be doing to support your organization!

Email Templates Before #iGiveCatholic

Subject: Join me in Supporting [ORGANIZATION NAME]

Hi [first_name],

I am excited to announce that I am supporting [ORGANIZATION NAME] during the #iGiveCatholic Giving Day by taking on the role of a fundraising champion. My fundraising will help [ORGANIZATION NAME ] to [OBJECTIVE - take from the organization's story]!

We know that, for Catholics, generosity and giving have a profound meaning. As children of God, giving is the ultimate expression of mercy as we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless, and preserve our Catholic heritage for future generations. [Fundraiser Story: Why are you supporting this organization? What impact has this organization had on you/your family/your friends?]

#iGiveCatholic is a 24-hour giving challenge that kicks off the charitable season and brings the Catholic community together to give thanks and give back. Join the movement by contributing to my fundraiser on Nov. 27th! Check out my fundraising page here: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Thank you for supporting [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Subject: I Need Your Help!

Hi [first name],

#iGiveCatholic, the first-ever online giving day created to celebrate our unique Catholic heritage, is only X days away. [ORGANIZATION NAME] is participating in this one-day celebration and I want to support them on Nov. 27th. Please help transform lives in our [ARCHDIOCESE OR DIOCESE]!

Your contributions can make a big impact on [THOSE WHO ARE IMPACTED BY CAMPAIGN]:

[Example - pull from organization’s donation levels:
$25 – Purchases ____ for _____
$50 – Helps _____
$100 – Helps _____
$250 – Purchases _____ for _____]

Participating in #iGiveCatholic is an opportunity for Catholics to affirm our faith as disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing our gifts out of love for God and one another. Please visit [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE] to support [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Thank you!

Email Templates During #iGiveCatholic

Subject: #iGiveCatholic is Here - Support [ORGANIZATION NAME]

Hi [first_name],

TODAY is the day! It’s #iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday, so the time to give is now. My goal is to raise $X in support of [ORGANIZATION NAME], but I can’t reach my goal alone.

Please join me in helping [ORGANIZATION NAME] to [OBJECTIVE] by visiting my fundraising page at: [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK].

If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your support! I hope you’ll consider sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media to get the word out about [ORGANIZATION NAME] and the difference they make to our Catholic community!

May God bless you abundantly for your generosity and support of [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Subject: Only a Few More Hours Left to Give!

Hi [first_name],

Can you believe the #iGiveCatholic Giving Day is almost over? With [$ AMOUNT YOU’VE RAISED] already raised for [ORGANIZATION NAME], I am proud of my impact as a fundraising champion!

I am so thankful for the support of my Catholic community throughout this day, but the giving isn’t over yet! Please visit my fundraising page at [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] and make a contribution to help me reach my goal.

You can also show your support by sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media!

May God bless you abundantly for your generosity and support of [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Email Templates After #iGiveCatholic

Subject: Thank You

Hi [first_name],

Thank you so much for all of your support during the #iGiveCatholic Giving Day. Because of you, I was able to raise $X for [ORGANIZATION NAME]! Together, we made a difference in the lives of [THOSE SERVED BY ORGANIZATION].

Thank you for celebrating generosity and giving.